Wisdom Platform

Wisdom is a platform that gives you a shortcut to easily order logistics services for small or large shipments around the World with our trusted partners.

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Depending on the size of your shipment you can choose between package or freight shipment,
you will also see our logistics partner services with estimated delivery times.


All necessary documents can be uploaded for international shipments, labels for your packages can be printed through
Wisdom either on paper or on thermal label.


After shipment is picked up you can follow your shipments with Wisdom from start to finish using tracking code and looking at World map where your shipment is at any time.


All shipments made in Wisdom
are collected to a reporting tool.
Every shipment date and time can be easily found,
including shipments weights,
costs from each logistics company
that handled your shipment.
A clear view to all logistics activities
in one single view.


Depending on the amount of shipments
we can connect our Wisdom to
ERP-systems when seen necessary.
Please contact us for more information if this is required.


Time Saving

Less time to find, book and order shipments.

Real time freight tracking – follow-up on goods anywhere.

Cost control and effectiveness – access to network of partners.

Deviations management – alerts of any deviations on shipments.

Reporting – accurate reports from shipments.

Warehouse program – handling of any warehouse for SME´s